The Human Path Wilderness Living Skills

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Wilderness Way

Wilderness Way was founded in 1993 with the goal of fostering a closer connection to nature in all types of people.

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“Wildman” Steve Brill

Arrested in 1986 for eating a dandelion in Central Park, Steve Brill gives group tours teaching about wild edible and medicinal plants, including mushrooms.  He is the author of several books on the subject. 


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Hawk Circle Wilderness Education

Headed by Ricardo Sierra, Hawk Circle offers youth programs and summer camps for young people.  They also operate a non-profit organization under the name of The Earth Mentoring Institute, Inc.

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Rewild Portland

Courtesy of Rewild Portland:

Rewild Portland is a non-profit that focuses on connecting people to nature through the earth-based arts of primitive technology and survival. We offer adult classes, children’s camps and family oriented community building events. Our goal is to expand the knowledge of primitive skills and survival into underserved and low-incoome communities.

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Primitive Pursuits

Primitive Pursuits, founded by Dave Hall, is affiliated with the Cornell Cooperative Extension, Tompkins County and 4-H.  They teach primitive skills courses for both adults and children.  Notably, the extensive range of children’s programs include after-school, school break, summer camps and even homeschool offerings.

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Scout’s Run Survival

Scount's Run SurvivalCourtesy of Scout’s Run Survival:
Scout’s Run Survival School is not only a survival school with affordable prices, but we offer great courses that combine primitive skills and modern survival for individuals, families, and more. Our school has two locations in Pennsylvania (Erie & Corry PA) where we can pull from what nature has to offer us in the line of tracking, shelter building, fire, water collection, trapping, emergancy preperations, and 3-5 day sustainable living to name a few. If you are looking to gain basic knowledge or continuing to advance your skills at a high quality skill level and affordable rate, we encourage you to join us at Scout’s Run Survival School.

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Campfire Way

John Gibbons offers DVD based “distance learning” courses in survival, wilderness guiding and instructor certification. He is the grandson of noted wild edibles author Euell Gibbons

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Practical Primitive LLC

Eddie Starnater and Julie Martin give group workshops and one on one instruction in primitive skills, crafts and self-reliance. A unique feature of their website is a subscription-based access to online live and recorded webinar survival courses. Finally, be sure to check their schedule for their monthly free “Open Skills Night”.

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onPoint Tactical LLC

onPoint Tactical was founded by Kevin Reeve. They offer courses in urban and wildderness survival, escape and evasion and tracking skills targeted towards military, law enforcement and security contractors.

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