Lifesong Wilderness Adventures

Lifesong Wilderness Adventures LogoCourtesy of Lifesong Wilderness Adventures:

Since 1994, founder Mark Wienert has restored our connection to nature’s wild places through personally empowering wilderness survival techniques and extreme adventure courses for both the beginning student and serious outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen. Specializing in bushcraft, nature awareness, animal and man tracking, Wienert offers weekend, 6 day, and 28 day field survival courses, to both adults and teens year round in California, Oregon, and Texas.  Custom courses are available to individuals and groups.

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  1. Roberta Kellis says:

    Mark is a great teacher. Very patient and thorough. I highly recommend Lifesong Wilderness Adventures to everyone for any reason! “Seeing” your surroundings in a different way opens up a whole new world of information. When you can retell the story of what your subject’s daily activity based solely on the tracks or scat, you become enlightened by the beauty of the nature around you. Skills learned can be applied in your everyday life to out in the field with renewed confidence. Thank you, Mark, for sharing your knowledge and skills!

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