Survival Schools in Colorado

Wilderness Survival Institute

8415 Coyote Run
Loveland CO 80537-9665
(970) 669-9016

Founded by search and rescue pioneer “Papa Bear” Whitmore, Wilderness Survival Institute is currently run by Don Davis who carries on his legacy.

SpecOps Inc.

P.O. Box 5694
Woodland Park, CO 80866-5694
(443) 889-9648

Run by former US Special Forces operator Mykel Hawke, Specops offers a wide range of survival courses, advemntures, consulting and other services. Hawke is author of several survival books as well as a fictional thriller novel.


P.O. Box 62039
Colorado Springs, CO 80962-2039
(719) 593-5852

Peter Kummerfeldt, author of Surviving a Wilderness Emergency, offers survival courses and outdoor safety seminars and workshops based on modern, practical techniques.

Boulder Outdoor Survival School

P.O. Box 1590
Boulder, Colorado 80306
(800) 335-7404

BOSS was founded back in the 1960′s by Larry Dean Olsen, author of the classic survival manual Outdoor Survival Skills.

This school emphasizes a minimalist philosophy with its “Know more, carry less” motto. Their Field courses are known for an intensely physically challenging Impact phase where students are pushed to their limit of endurance any beyond. One target audience seems to be corporate professionals who wish to disconnect from the busy world for a time and find out what they’re really made of.

BOSS also offers courses focusing on simply learning primitive skills without the physical challenge and soul searching.

AlpenQuest LLC

P.O. Box 10165
Colorado Springs, CO 80932
(719) 963-1062

Founded by Greg Wiggins, AlpenQuest specializes in mountian survival.